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Table of contents

Data Tables

  • JmdSite
FieldName DataType Required Description
ID UniqueIdentifier Y Primary Key
ParentSiteID UniqueIdentifier N Site ID of Parent site
AliasSiteID UniqueIdentifier N If provided, then this site will acts as an alias for other existing site.
SiteURL Nvarchar(100) Y URL for this site
SiteFolder Nvarchar(100) Y Base folder for this site. This site will only have access to the folders under SiteFolder.
LastChanged timestamp Y Auto generated by sql server.


  • JmdSiteInfo: Site, ParentSite and AliasSite consolidated information view.

Stored Procedures

  • JmdSiteSave: Performs insert/update on JmdSite table.
  • JmdSiteDelete: Performs delete on JmdSite table.

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